A little thought on appearances…

I came across this image as I was scrolling through my camera roll this morning. Quite instantly, this red flower caught my attention and I started to gaze at it in awe. It was evidently more noticeable infront of the ‘ordinary’ green grass, and the least I took notice of was the green weed!
I realised how selfishly, or let’s say naturally we are attracted to things that look ‘good’ to us on the outside and therefore we give them all great deal of attention, we pick out the weeds from our beautifully grown gardens thinking they look unattractive, whilst totally ignoring the many benefits they bring to our gardens!
We don’t even stop to consider them, take notice of them, or to even to research their purposes.
Just imagine the feeling of being unnoticed and unwanted by everyone merely due to your appearance, which you have no control over. Just like plants or flowers have no control over their outward appearance, similarly, we humans cannot choose the colour of our hair, the colour of our skin, and our appearance. However, what we do have a choice over is our character, our morals, our values and the ways in which we decide to help and benefit the people around us. These are the important things, not appearance!
It’s rightly said “looks fade, but a good heart keeps you beautiful forever”.

– Fatima Ali

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