In the journey of life we encounter different tests as we travel,
To explore our identity and the discovery that unravels.

In the search of dreams, aspirations and eternal love,
Our hearts yearn for all of the feelings above.

Diving in the depth of our own fantasy world,
We still look for the seashore to dwell in the voices unheard.

Whenever we unwind and ponder about our lives,
We struggle to find answers to the unasked questions inside.

No one likes the darkness of the night,
Yet no one endeavours to find the true light.

Lack of contentment and persistent restlessness,
We fail to recognise that we are all differently blessed.

The Creator might have put people in different trials,
But He has promised that with patience we are able to cover distant miles.

No matter how hard the circumstances may be,
If we cling onto hope, we can set ourselves free.

In painful days, how can we have enough strength to cope?
Just believe in the power of this miraculous word, HOPE!

This poem is dedicated to all those who are struggling to find that light!

-Fatima Ali.

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