I’m just a Raindrop….

I’m only there to nourish these flowers, falling from the sky, quenching their thirst using my powers. 

I’m just a Raindrop.

No one likes me on a sunny day and yet when people are heartbroken, they yearn for thee, so they can hide their tears disguising as me.

I’m just a Raindrop.

Sometimes like a prayer from the heart and sometimes like a dream,I thrive to hold back the feelings of so many and yet beam. 

I have to, because I’m just a Raindrop. 

In the hustle and bustle of the day and the long silent nights,I’ve seen people confiding in me about their plights.I hold so many secrets in my heart,of how people meet and then drift apart. I can also hear the qualms, people fighting alone with their own storms.

I may look feeble but I’m strong, because I’m just a raindrop.

Relish the bright sunny days of your life and i will try to hold back myself in the sky,until you break at some point and want to cry.Just glance up at me and reflect your wounded heart, I will set myself free, pour down heavily and be your counterpart.

After all, I’m just a Raindrop.

Poem By: Fatima Ali

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