Planning and hosting a themed party!

Hosting a super fun paw patrol themed birthday pawty!

Last year, I hosted a very exciting paw patrol themed birthday party for my son, who turned 7 last year!
I know planning a birthday party can be super stressful and it’s a real struggle trying to make it all close to perfect and at the same time enjoyable and entertaining for your guests! With all the social media extravagant birthday celebrations we see day in day out, we want ours to be just as great if not better!
Luckily, we have family and friends who help out in the organisation and prepping of the whole event and it makes the personalisation of the event so much more flexible and easier.
Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of prior planning.

It’s always a good idea to have a theme in mind which you can work around, it just makes the shopping part so much easier!
Therefore, for me, I knew I was going for a paw patrol themed party, so I had searched where to find different pieces of decor and luckily party delights had the majority of it, so to save time I went there. Party Delights is an absolute heaven for decorators. It has all the themes you can think of! They do themed goody bags, bunting, balloons, complementary tableware and basically everything you really need for the perfect party!


Before I ramble on about the menu, I have to mention how tasty ‘Rubbles chicken nuggets’ were!
Now, getting back to the point, the menu… It is a great idea to let your creativity run wild by personalising your menu card to suit your chosen birthday theme!

The children absolutely loved having a super cool paw patrol themed menu and it definitely brought a great hype along with it when the food was served! Just imagine seeing your favourite character’s dishes on display, I mean how could you possibly resist Skye’s stuffed veg samosas and Zuma’s zesty spring rolls! You have to admit the menu card is super cool. I personalised this for my son’s paw patrol themed party!

Now, obviously ensure your menu is well-suited to your guests. As this was a children’s party, I kept the menu simple with little snacks that the kids could easily indulge in!
On top of the menu, we also had a very unique desserts menu, accompanied with fancy paw patrol themed menu cards for each dish and dessert!

Hosting and entertaining!

I’ve highlighted the planning and having a fancy themed menu in my previous posts.
Now, for the entertainment part.
My child is obsessed with bouncy castles and I’ve seen children obsess over them too!

Some of the best advantages of having a bouncy castle is that the children remain well occupied and happy! Then we have the usual party games, musical chairs, musical statues etc. but they can get a little repetitive, so it is always a good idea to do something a little different. Why not have a face painter? Change the games around. Add a little twist to them, the children love it!

I usually hire a popcorn and slush machine, even at my big age I cannot get enough of both, never mind the little ones! Ofcourse, I could not stop myself from personalising those either, I attached little posters to the carts which you can see in the images! ‘Pupcorn’ and ‘pause for a puppy slushy’. Oh so exciting!

There are numerous ways to keep your guests entertained and remember if you have parents attending, make sure there is a surprise game for them too, get them up on their toes playing a game of musical chairs or doing a raffle!


The main item has to be the cake on a birthday as it enhances your theme and completes the decor.
The cake in the picture above was made by my favourite cake lady who never fails to amaze with her great work!

That’s it for now folks. I hope you had fun reading about my birthday planning and hosting experience! Feel free to incorporate these ideas into your future paw-ties! πŸΎπŸ˜‰

– Fatima Ali

6 thoughts on “Planning and hosting a themed party!”

  1. Hi Fatima, not sure if you saw my latest post about a blogging award I’ve just received. I’ve nominated you for this award and I hope you’ll participate. I love the awards as it’s a great way to get to know a little bit more about our fellow bloggers. Caz x


    1. Aww. I agree, times have changed. Also my son loves it so once a year I treat him and his friends with such a party. The important thing is we do everything ourselves so its more personalised.

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