Words can heal? Why I chose this name for my blog

A lot of people asked me why I chose this name for my blog.
I firmly believe, there are many things in our lives that do not have a cure, but I have a strong belief that even if there is no cure, there is the potential to heal and the power of healing is through words. Therefore, if any words can reach out to someone and it can make a positive impact on someone’s life then I believe that my purpose of writing has been fulfilled and hence I chose this title ‘words can heal’.

– Fatima Ali

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

A famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi

This famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi makes me delve deeply into the person I am.

When I look around, there are certain things that leave me pondering. It takes a second to nitpick different things going on around you.

If we see something we don’t like and want it to be different, why don’t we try to bring about that change? We often make excuses such as “my input will not make a difference, one person cannot change anything”.
Now, just imagine if every single person feels their role has no significance, will we ever be able to move forward, will we ever be able to bring about a change? This question answers for itself. No, we cannot bring about a change if no one is willing to bring that change within themselves.

It is time we all start being that ‘change’. If we disagree with something around us, we should do something about it, each one of us should, even if you are the first to speak out.
We can change the world if we all make that vital decision to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

– Fatima Ali

Quick Tip For Weight Loss!

🍋 – After you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach, squeeze half a lemon into half a glass of warm water and drink it! This hugely aids in weight loss! Continue doing this each morning and you will definitely see positive results!

🍋 – It is also very important to incorporate lemon into your diet. You can use them on salads as a dressing.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and have numerous health benefits!

– Fatima Ali


It is not always the care and love that can make the flower grow and bloom. Sometimes even a single look of attention can be enough to be a reason behind its blossom.

– Fatima Ali

Believe in yourself

✏️ Holding a firm belief in your capabilities is vital in gaining success.

✏️ Believing in yourself involves trusting your ability to achieve the goals you have set.

✏️ Do not allow fear to stop you!

✏️ Self-empowerment is key – find out what you are good at and let it be one of the many reasons to build your inner strength.

✏️ Be optimistic, as a negative attitude will only drown you!

✏️ Mingle with friends who uplift you.
Being in the right company is so important!

✏️ Know that not everyone will accept you, but remember to be ok with that!

✏️ Know it is absolutely ok to make mistakes!

✏️ Keep your chin up, establish a positive mindset, have faith and keep believing in yourself.

– Fatima Ali

How To Cope With Anxiety

𝙏𝙤𝙥 𝙩𝙞𝙥𝙨!

🌻 – Think about what is making you worried or stressed? Challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself questions and try to take control of your feelings and thoughts.

🌻 – Establish a form of meditation in your routine to help you relax and calm your mind.

🌻 – Planning ahead is essential. Pen down what you are intending to do and what to do during each step, in order to ease yourself in and keep yourself calm.

🌻 – Excercise regularly. Keep yourself happy and busy.

🌻 – Eat healthy meals.

🌻 – Get plentiful sleep!

🌻 – If you suffer from severe anxiety, a visit to a therapist would be largely beneficial! They will be able to assist you with tackling the triggers which are causing your anxiety.

🌻 – Remain connected to people who care about you. They will really help you take control of your symptoms!

Please remember you are not alone, anxiety is a very common mental health disorder which affects a large number of the population worldwide. There are people and professionals out there to help you!

– Fatima Ali

A moment of happiness and a flashback into my childhood

A Moment of Happiness ♥️

I came across some jottings on the roadside yesterday and these unimportant, trivial drawings on the roadside immediately caught my attention. You may think they are insignificant-looking scribbles, but for me, like the significant pieces of a jigsaw, a thousand precious memories of my childhood came flooding back in.

A time when there was no social media, no smart phones, or IPads. Life was so simple back then, yet so enjoyable and worth-living. I vividly remember how we largely invested our leisure time in participating in outdoor activities, which we enjoyed greatly, regardless of the scorching temperatures and being drenched in our own sweat!

A sudden rainfall was something we always looked forward to, and when the sky wept its happy tears we splashed carelessly in the puddles until we were fully dripping in water. The least of our concerns were bruised knees (from falling off our bicycles) and our clothes smothered in mud.

We set ourselves free in our own imaginative world of play. Collecting pocket money in our not-so fancy looking money boxes, waiting impatiently until we had enough to treat ourselves with something we had wished for and it was such a great privilege.

There was an essence of dreaming followed by the willingness to achieve. Unfortunately, nowadays children spend most of their free time glued to the TV or technology, hence why they lack the appreciation of the little things that life has to offer. My joy was heightened when I witnessed these precious recollections from my childhood. I assume, children are sick and tired of staying indoors and are consequently attracted to playing outside and experimenting with nature, scribbling with stones, just like we used to back in the days.

Chalk, pavements, long walks and a group of friends, I just felt awfully nostalgic about it and lost in the most enjoyable time of my life. So, I stood there, gazing at these ‘scribbles’ relishing those days, I took out my fancy phone, like they do these days and took a snapshot and moved on with a beaming countenance.

I still don’t know fully why…But it gave me a peculiar kind of happiness, and I will continue to take pleasure in these captivating images.

– Fatima Ali

Quick Tips On How To Stay Motivated!

▪️ Ensure you have good company. People who will encourage you!

▪️Set realistic, achievable goals. Take small steps and pen down your goals in a creative way (you could create a fancy chart or a tick off list).

▪️Set yourself with rewards for accomplishing your smaller goals!

▪️Make sure you take some time to give your body a rest, the last thing you want is to end up overworking yourself!

▪️Be prepared to take on challenges! Without a doubt, there will be many obstacles on your journey, remain calm and overcome these!

▪️Most importantly be determined and stay positive!

Remember when you believe in yourself, remain positive and determined to achieve, you are already ten steps closer to your target!

– Fatima Ali

What is happiness?

We all have our own versions that define happiness.

For me, happiness is not about achieving a desire as this is only temporary.

Perpetual happiness lies in the fulfilment of a true promise. It dwells in the contentment of the heart. True happiness is having a heartfelt conversation with your best friend after the longest time.

Happiness is seeing your sister smile, hearing her warm laughter, watching her eyes glow with joy, knowing her inner fears and being able to spread your wings to comfort her.

Happiness blossoms from the eyes when you’ve been eagerly watching a plant grow and you finally see a flower bloom with the most vibrant colours.

Happiness is opening a book to read and to your luck finding an old letter residing in it from a very dear friend.

Happiness is sleeping with a grieving heart, but waking up with sudden positivity all around.

Pure happiness is travelling to unknown, quiet destinations and upon returning home, realising that a part of you has been left behind there.
A moment of utter happiness also dwells in the tranquility of petrichor after a long awaited rainfall.

Happiness is found in good well-being and health. Happiness is caring for your elders and gathering their much needed blessings. Happiness is reaching out to someone in the time of need. It is also found in success and fame.

Utmost joy is in the acceptance of a prayer that is close to your heart. Happiness is missing someone terribly but holding back your tears, knowing that they are happy in their life.

Happiness is seeing other people grow in life and achieve their goals. Happiness is in sound sleep after long nights of restlessness.

Happiness is secretively making a sincere prayer for a loved one.
But most importantly, happiness is knowing that someone is there by your side to make you believe in your dreams, no matter how imaginary and impossible they seem. ❤

– Fatima Ali