A story of true resilience

Throwback to the days when the highlight of summers involved watching the cricket season!

Yuvraj Singh has always inspired me as an outstanding cricketer, but it was only when I met him that I got to know how much of a wonderful person he is inside out.
Extremely humble and jolly, he is exactly what his personality depicts as.

His book “The test of my life” is a heart-rending and inspirational tale giving an insight into the most traumatic period of his life. With so many emotions flowing in, I would recommend everyone to read it as it is a perfect reflection of how sudden tests in life can emerge out of no where, however they have the power to turn you into a valiant survivor if you cling onto hope.

His NGO, Youwecan is working for a wonderful cause and helping countless cancer patients.

With a little hope, an extraordinary supportive mother by your side, a great vision, and the will power to fight amongst the odd circumstances, you can grow so much as a person and rise from the darkest shadows.

– Fatima Ali

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