A moment of happiness and a flashback into my childhood

A Moment of Happiness ♥️

I came across some jottings on the roadside yesterday and these unimportant, trivial drawings on the roadside immediately caught my attention. You may think they are insignificant-looking scribbles, but for me, like the significant pieces of a jigsaw, a thousand precious memories of my childhood came flooding back in.

A time when there was no social media, no smart phones, or IPads. Life was so simple back then, yet so enjoyable and worth-living. I vividly remember how we largely invested our leisure time in participating in outdoor activities, which we enjoyed greatly, regardless of the scorching temperatures and being drenched in our own sweat!

A sudden rainfall was something we always looked forward to, and when the sky wept its happy tears we splashed carelessly in the puddles until we were fully dripping in water. The least of our concerns were bruised knees (from falling off our bicycles) and our clothes smothered in mud.

We set ourselves free in our own imaginative world of play. Collecting pocket money in our not-so fancy looking money boxes, waiting impatiently until we had enough to treat ourselves with something we had wished for and it was such a great privilege.

There was an essence of dreaming followed by the willingness to achieve. Unfortunately, nowadays children spend most of their free time glued to the TV or technology, hence why they lack the appreciation of the little things that life has to offer. My joy was heightened when I witnessed these precious recollections from my childhood. I assume, children are sick and tired of staying indoors and are consequently attracted to playing outside and experimenting with nature, scribbling with stones, just like we used to back in the days.

Chalk, pavements, long walks and a group of friends, I just felt awfully nostalgic about it and lost in the most enjoyable time of my life. So, I stood there, gazing at these ‘scribbles’ relishing those days, I took out my fancy phone, like they do these days and took a snapshot and moved on with a beaming countenance.

I still don’t know fully why…But it gave me a peculiar kind of happiness, and I will continue to take pleasure in these captivating images.

– Fatima Ali

15 thoughts on “A moment of happiness and a flashback into my childhood”

  1. I just went back when I was a child. I miss my precious friends and the time we spent together playing around our apartments. All 3 girls of my group got married (including me) and apart.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


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