The Dusk will disperse and the Dawn will arise

The sole matter that is entrenched everywhere is about the chronograph that has paused the world with perplexity, Covid-19. We have been shifted into these strange and unprecedented times only under a small fraction of time.

Through this medium, I aim to dust some hope in these tough times. Sometimes a national catastrophe comes at a specific country but this Coronavirus is a pandemic.

It’s not only you and people around you who are affected. It’s affecting everyone globally. People from all classes, businesses from the small local entrepreneurs to the gigantic multinational companies, everyone is impacted. From the scale of a personal household to the strong economies, everyone is influenced by its severe consequences.  This dilemma has put the sturdiest countries on the brink of being as vulnerable as the frailest countries. The long-term effects are yet to follow economically, socially and mentally. 

So, what can one do about it? Well, no one can give a precise response on that as uncertainty prevails across. All one can do is to just sit back, breathe, reflect, pray and patiently wait for things to drive back in the right direction. It is not as convenient as it sounds but while the mental health issues are on an upsurge, one must gather the sanity in place and maintain composure. Stressing about it and how it will affect one’s life and work will only make things worse.

 Even if not brighter than what it depicts in reality, let us look at the optimistic side of the picture.

These crises are going to teach you lifelong gratitude. Being thankful for being privileged enough to be in the comfort of your own home with adequate facilities. Holding the contentment of a basic plan to run your house expenses and having a stockpile of staple food to last for some days. Being able to carry out your favourite hobbies with your family in the isolation period. Having the approach to maintain hygiene and to have awareness about this ailment.  But then there are people who do not even have access to clean water and safe surroundings leave apart food or basic commodities. While many of you are moaning about working from home, take a moment to think about the plight of a daily wager who relies on a day-to-day income. He has no idea about what tomorrow will unfold for him and his family. Does life stop for them? No. Do their struggles ever end? Never.  These people should be our inspiration through these times as they strive to endure the hard circumstances.
So many of them do not even have the prerogative to prepare themselves for such a catastrophe. Now it is our moral duty to acknowledge the blessings we have and wholeheartedly support everyone who is in need at this time. Communities have shown great support to help each other and we must make this a permanent thing in our respective societies.
These crises will also show us how to seek positivity from others. China is one such example that suffered the first and the major outbreak with this virus. They joined together and with the right directives they pulled out of this predicament giving a hope to the entire world that with responsible measures you can fight it off too. Now China is supporting other nations by sending them the protective gear and medical teams for assistance to combat the Coronavirus.

Most importantly, this arduous period will edify us to recognise our true dynamisms.

We human beings have been born with the tremendous energy to bounce back from situations. We tend to break, we cry, we sulk but then we exhibit our ability to put our shattered pieces back together and perform. This is indeed human resilience. We must instil positivity and believe in our strength to overcome this squall.

The catastrophe and fright this virus have brought all over the world will only bring out the best side of people and make this world a better place to live in.
The only thing which is disturbing and yet assuring is that everyone in the world is under the same consternation so more or less we are all sailing in the same boat. We can look up to each other for motivation, support and guidance.

Through this channel I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the amazing people who are working at the frontline in these times of crisis. Once we all overcome this, history will narrate the definition of heroes as Doctors, Nurses, health care workers, carers, teachers, public safety and national security forces. Please let us also acknowledge the delivery drivers, postmen, utility and transport workers, essential shops staff etc who are all playing a vital role in keeping the life rolling.  Thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

I remember something that Mr. Junaid Jamshed once tweeted about the uncertain situations and it etched somewhere deep in my heart. I hope it gives hope to everyone. 

“What is faith? Faith is seeing Light with your heart when all your eyes can see is darkness. It’s the Greatest gift.”

I would like to request everyone to recognize this beautiful gift that is faith which is indeed the driving force in the fiercest of tempests. Keep the spirits high as we all will pull through this storm together. While we live to perceive that a sunrise has to follow every sunset, good times will unfold and we will only be stronger and humbler than ever, just believe.

39 thoughts on “The Dusk will disperse and the Dawn will arise”

  1. Sometimes you just need to hear something like this in life to give you the contentment of the heart. Fatima, your words helped me heal today. Keep up the brilliant work girl 👏👏👏

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  2. Dear fatima
    Thanku for writing such a masterpiece….such a piece was much needed in times like these where all u can hear are the no. Victims and the deaths….no one shares the positive side of the people who recovered….i totally agree with u that this will bring out the best in us and this world will surely emerge as a much better place….God bless you

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  3. Very well written Fatima. Excellent choice of words. Heart touching. Cant find words to throw light on it. The thoughts you penned down surely are a ray of hope in these times. Keep up your good effort. Blessings on your way.


  4. Dear Fatima,
    Your blog surely is uplifting in these uncertain times and I see hope when I relate to your thoughts so keep it up and spread the hope . May Allah guide you and may your thoughts reverberate with those seeking hope and uplift all around you. We are all indeed of this and must persuade one another to do their part.

    Well done !

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  5. This is just so beautifully written. Changed the value of the word gratitude for me and gave it a new meaning. We need more genuine people like you in this world.

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  6. An excellent article. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and it was much needed. Thank you for this. Keep up the hard work!


  7. Magnum opus Fatima!!! Being through this pandemic we all are getting frustrated sometimes as busy with WFH,
    House chores and kids online sessions etc etc….In this state of misery you have come up with such an amazing meditation for all of us and it’s not less than a harmony.. Applause 👏 for your valiant effort!!

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  8. An excellent article at the right time . Very positive thinking about the people and society. Everyone should play the role for the rehabilitation of the effecties in shape of moral and financial support. Well done , keep it up. Our prayers are with you.

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